medical assistant programs in the bronxDo you live in the Bronx and are considering a career as a medical assistant? If so, then congratulations! A medical assistant enjoys a challenging and fulfilling career that can lead to a solid future in the healthcare industry.

What Education Or Training Do I Need Before Studying To Become A Medical Assistant?

New York City (and its districts such as the Bronx) are subject to the same requirements as the rest of the state. There are no particular requirements to apply for the medical assistant course other than proof that you have graduated from high school or an equivalent credential. You will most likely have to become certified by the American Association of Medical Assistants before being hired.

Best Medical Assistant Programs in The Bronx

There are literally dozens of accredited schools in the Bronx or located nearby that offer a medical assistant course program. These programs use classes such as physiology, diet & nutrition, phlebotomy and anatomy. This list contains a few reputable schools that provide complete medical assistant programs, but you are encouraged to seek out and communicate with many qualified schools and see which one feels right for you.

  1. Medical Assistant Programs in The Bronx - Bryant & Stratton CollegeBryant & Stratton College– This school offers a training program that closely mimics an actual job environment for a medical assistant. The program mixes both classroom instruction and lab assignments. They offer a free brochure you can request for a more detailed overview of the medical assistant program.
  2. Medical Assistant Programs The Bronx - Lehman CollegeLehman College– Another highly rated program, Lehman College has arranged for internships with actual healthcare providers in the New York City area. This program requires 531 hours of instruction and field training.
  3. Medical Assistant Program The Bronx - Hostos Community CollegeHostos Community College– This local school not only offers a medical assistant program but also offers many of the individual courses that are required by other schools such as anatomy and nutrition. Students can save money by taking some of these courses here and transferring their units.
  4. Best Medical Assistant Programs in The Bronx - The New York School for Medical and Dental AssistantsThe New York School for Medical & Dental Assistants– This school has been recognized by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges for the high-quality training as well as support for graduates.

What Does A Medical Assistant Do?

The job description for a medical assistant is filled with tasks that are performed both in the examination room and the office. Examples might include-

  1. Taking phone calls and scheduling appointments or answering basic questions
  2. Using a computer and appropriate software for tracking appointments, supply tracking or billing.
  3. Authorizing prescription refills
  4. Describing a proposed treatment to patients
  5. Administering medications according to the doctor’s instructions
  6. Taking a blood sample for the lab

Does A Medical Assistant Have To Attend Continuing Education Classes?

The American Association of Medical Assistants requires continuing education classes for medical assistants.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Certified Medical Assistant?

Most programs take anywhere from nine to twelve months to complete. Once you complete the course you can apply for certification which requires proof of course completion and a fee.

We hope that you consider a future as a medical assistant. It can be a very rewarding career and it opens doors to many other great jobs within the healthcare industry.