Medical Assistant Programs in RI Rhode IslandMedical Assistant Programs in RI – A career in healthcare can be very rewarding; regardless the level of the position a person works at. Whether you’re a nurse, a surgeon, physician, pharmacologist, or medical assistant, everyone plays an important role in assisting the community with their healthcare. One of the most common positions in Rhode Island is the medical assistant position.

The Medical Assistant takes on the role of organizing the patient files and interacting with patients on the front end of the medical centre. They are the first people patients will see, and are very important as they represent any medical centre.

In order to become a medical assistant, one must complete the necessary requirements needed to qualify for medical assistant positions. The most basic requirement is the education. There are different levels of education, a medical assistant diploma, an associate’s degree, and a bachelor’s degree. Fortunately, there are many medical assistant programs in Rhode Island where each institution has its own pros and cons. Below you’ll find some examples of the most reputable ones.

Most Renowned Medical Assistant Programs in RI

  1. Medical Assistant Programs in RI - Lincoln Technical InstituteLincoln Technical Institute – This institute provides all three levels of programs for future medical assistants. Not only do they provide all the necessary knowledge to qualify for medical assistant positions, they will also give you the opportunity to gain hands experience in a “Doctor’s Office”. After graduation, they won’t just leave you hanging, they will provide job placement assistant so that you will have highest chance of landing that dream job.

  2. Medical Assisting Programs in RI - Health Care Training ServicesHealth Care Training Services – The medical assistant program at HCTS provides 552 hours of classroom, clinical and lab experience that will be needed to succeed at a professional medical assistant position.  You will attain knowledge in medical terminology, medical office procedures, EKG, and even Phlebotomy. A requirement is to complete 6 months of externship so that the student may gain enough hands on experience, which will take place at a physician’s office.
  3. Medical Assisting Programs in Rhode Island - Community College of Rhode IslandCommunity College of Rhode Island – The CCRI have a medical assistant program where one can earn an associate’s degree in medical administrative assistance. A student will be required to take several courses including office accounting, medical insurance billing, medical document processing, and much more. Not only will they ensure that you have all the necessary knowledge and skills requirement, they will provide job placement assistance too.

Joining the healthcare industry as a medical assistant may be challenging, but it is very rewarding, and many institutions will provide plenty of support. This is to ensure that you get the perfect medical assistant position you want and need.