Medical Assistant Programs in PA PennsylvaniaMedical Assistant Programs in PA (Pennsylvania)– Choosing to become a medical assistant in the state of Pennsylvania can be a great decision. It takes relatively little time to become a medical assistant when compared to other careers in the same salary range. On top of that, a medical assistant has a diverse job- you won’t have to worry about a tedious career when entering this field!

What Education Or Training Do I Need Before Studying To Become A Medical Assistant?

The state of Pennsylvania does not have any stringent requirements to become a medical assistant. In fact, you do not need any specialized training or education before enrolling in a medical assistant program which makes this an appealing career choice for high school graduates. However, the majority of employers will insist that you have obtained certification as a medical assistant from an approved institution. This certification can be obtained from the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). You will need to complete the medical assistant course program from an accredited school in order to receive AAMA certification.

Most reputable Medical Assistant Programs in PA (Pennsylvania)

If you wish to work in Pennsylvania you will need to enroll in a school that is accredited in this area. Some of the most reputable schools in Pennsylvania that offer a qualified medical assistant program include:

  • Medical Assistant Programs in PA pennsylvania - Lincoln Technical InstituteLincoln Technical Institute– This school has been in business for several decades and offers a medical assistant course in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Day and evening classes are available and the school qualifies for federal financial aid.
  • Medical Assistant Programs in Pennsylvania - Kaplan Career InstituteKaplan Career Institute– Kaplan has a comprehensive program that utilizes classrooms, their own labs and real health care provider establishments. This school also offers programs for medical assistants in five locations across Pennsylvania.
  • Medical Assistant Program in PA - YTI Career InstituteYTI Career Institute– With three locations in Pennsylvania that provide a medical assistant program, YTI likely has a school near you. YTI is accredited by CAAHEP and is a recognized school by the United States Department of Justice.

Before enrolling in a school’s medical assistant program check and see if it has CAAHEP accreditation. This will satisfy both AAMA and the requirements of most employers.

Does A Medical Assistant Have To Attend Continuing Education Classes?

Yes! In fact, the AAMA requires a medical assistant to recertify every five years. This requirement is generally satisfied with proof of completion of the appropriate continuing education courses or results from a recertification exam. The AAMA will also need to see your current CPR certification.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Certified Medical Assistant?

It generally takes about nine months to a year to complete the course. Certification requires you to fill out an application from the AAMA website along with proof of your credentials and the required fee payment.

We hope that you consider a future as a medical assistant. It can be a very rewarding career and it opens doors to many other great jobs within the healthcare industry.