Medical Assistant programs in Nortsh Carolina NCMedical Assistants provide the organizational skills and order needed in a medical environment, record-keeping, handling patient documents, and communicating with the patients are all very important aspects of the healthcare profession. However, these skills are not as simple as you might think. Luckily, there are several medical assistant programs that prepare you for such a workplace.

The healthcare industry has been growing at a positive rate, and now more than ever, medical assistants are needed. There are several medical assistant programs in North Carolina, some of the many include the Virginia College Medical Assistant program, Alamance Community College, Brookstone College, and more. These institutions are proud of their medical graduates. U.S. statistics show that North Carolina medical assistants are some of the best in the country and, as a result, are earning quite well.

To start a career as a medical assistant, you will need an official degree or certification from a certified institution. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from.

  1. Medical Assistant Programs in North Carolina - Virginia collegeVirginia College – Probably one of the top medical assistant programs in North Carolina. The medical assistant program is 55 weeks long. Training will focus on cleaning and sterilizing medical equipment, patient communication, measuring and analyzing patient vital signs and medical history, laboratory rules and procedures, and the proper methods for administering medication. On top of that, you will learn the required administrative duties. The job placement rate for Virginia College medical assistant program graduates is 65%, quite high considering the current state of the market.
  2. Alamance Community College – The Medical Assistant Programs in NC - Alamance Community Collegemedical assistant program at Alamance community college may not be the best in North Carolina, but the costs are quite affordable and the college is very accommodating for students. The college has campuses in Burlington and Graham allowing for students to choose where they wish to take their classes. And only a 2 year program, you can expect the learning experience to be rather relaxing and flexible.
  3. Brookstone College – The Best Medical Assistant Programs in North Carolina NC - Brookstone Collegemedical assistant program at Brookstone College is well known for its high job placement rate, the program has a job placement rate of 82% which is incredibly high and your chances of getting a job in the health industry is very good. However, there is a cost, which is the tuition cost. The program is 70 weeks long by day and 100 weeks long by evening and with an estimated tuition cost of $19,400. You’re very likely to get a job placement in the healthcare industry with a diploma from this college if you’re willing to pay the price.

Whether you’re serious about joining the healthcare industry as a medical assistant or just looking to update your resume, there are plenty of medical assistant programs to choose from in North Carolina.

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