Medical Assistant Programs in Maine MEChoosing to become a medical assistant in the state of Maine can be a great decision. It takes relatively little time to become a medical assistant when compared to other careers in the same salary range. On top of that a medical assistant has a diverse job- you won’t have to worry about a tedious career when you become a medical assistant!

What Education Or Training Do I Need Before Studying To Become A Medical Assistant?

     The state of Maine does not have any stringent requirements to become a medical assistant. In fact, you do not need any specialized training or education before enrolling in a certification program which makes this an appealing career choice for high school graduates. However, the majority of employers will insist that you have obtained certification as a medical assistant from an approved institution. This certification can be obtained from the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). Put simply, you do not need to be certified to become a medical assistant in the state of Maine but this certification is worthwhile and your chances of finding a job with a reputable employer are greatly improved once you receive AAMA certification.

Where Can I Find Medical Assistant Programs in Maine?

     If you wish to work in Maine you will need to enroll in a school that is accredited in this area. There are a few schools in Maine that offer a medical assistant training program and some even offer an online program so you can study on your own time. Here is a list of schools that offer accredited medical assistant programs in Maine:

What Does A Medical Assistant Do?

     A medical assistant performs a wide variety of tasks in both the office and the examination room. Some days a medical assistant will maintain patient records or authorize prescription refills for the pharmacy. On another day, a medical assistant might be explaining a proposed treatment plan to patients or monitoring another patient’s vitals such as pulse and respiration or even draw blood. Your exact job description will vary somewhat depending on your employer and jurisdiction but as you can see a medical assistant performs many tasks so that the physician can focus on evaluating and treating patients.

Does A Medical Assistant Have To Attend Continuing Education Classes?

     Yes! In fact, the AAMA requires a medical assistant to recertify every five years. This requirement is generally satisfied with proof of completion of the appropriate continuing education courses or results from a recertification exam. The AAMA will also need to see your current CPR certification.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Certified Medical Assistant?

     It generally takes about nine months to a year to complete the course. Certification requires you to fill out an application from the AAMA website along with proof of your credentials and the required fee payment.

     We hope that you consider a future as a medical assistant. It can be a very rewarding career and it opens doors to many other great jobs within the healthcare industry.