Medical Assistant Programs in DCMedical Assistant Programs in DC– Pursuing a career in the healthcare industry can be very rewarding, and anyone can work in the field. Whether you wish to become a doctor, nurse, or even a medical assistant, there is a position available for everyone. A career as a medical assistant in Washington DC has a lot of potential, as not only the demand is growing, but also the number of available positions will increase in the next decade.

In order to become a medical assistant, one must attend a medical assistant program, where they teach you the required knowledge to be successful and assist you finding a job that fits your needs.

There are several institutions that offer medical assistant programs, some have unique benefits over others. Following we show you some of the most reputable ones.

Most reputable Medical Assistant Programs in DC

  1. Medical Assistant Programs in Washington DC - MedTech SchoolMedTech – MedTech focus on their medical assistant programs to ensure they accept and teach only the best students so that they succeed in a career as a medical assistant. Their medical assistant program provides all the required knowledge needed to qualify for a medical assistant position, and will provide hands on experience. Not only will they prepare you during your studies, they will help you after by assisting job placement. Their high job placement rate is among the highest in DC. They also provide night classes so that students may work a day job.

  2. Best Medical Assistant Programs in DC - Westwood CollegeWestWood College – They have two types of medical assistant programs, one is to complete the diploma, while the other is an associate’s degree for those wishing to further their education. They provide a unique advantage that other institutions don’t, they have connections with several employers, and many of them will only hire from WestWood College. Not to mention that their high job placement rate is another plus for this institution. The Arlington Campus is just a few miles away from Washington DC.

  3. Medical Assistant Programs in DC - Everest CollegeEverest College – One of the fastest growing colleges in the country. Everest’s medical assistant program is among one of the most well-known in the US. Not only do they teach everything you need to know to be a medical assistant, they also provide hands on experience through externships. Hands on experience is one of the most important qualifications needed to become a medical assistant.

Medical Assistants are required to complete several different types of tasks such as administering medicine, communicating with patients, performing administrative tasks, and more. A medical assistant organizes the medical centre by sorting the patient records and handling communication at the front of a medical centre.

If this looks like something you’re passionate about, we encourage you to get in touch with the local institutions that provide certified medical assistant programs in your area.