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The healthcare industry has been growing rapidly for the past few decades and the demand for healthcare related jobs have also increased; however, many believe that qualifying for a job in healthcare is hard work and can be expensive (much like completing medical school). But in fact, there are several healthcare jobs at a variety of different levels. Whether you’ve just graduated high school, completed a bachelor’s degree or even left your current job, there are positions available for all types of backgrounds.

One of the most common roles is the medical assistant position. A medical assistant helps with a variety of tasks that are quite common in medical centers. Some examples include taking patient vitals, filing insurance claims, general administrative tasks, and even taking blood when needed. However, in order to qualify for medical assistant positions in California, one must complete a training program and receive the degree/diploma.

There are several types of programs: Medical Assistant Diploma; Bachelor’s Degree; and the Associate’s Degree. Fortunately, there are many certified institutions in California, all of which provide all the necessary hands-on experience and knowledge to qualify for medical assistant jobs. Below we show you some of the most renowned institutions that offer Medical Assistant Programs in California:

  1. Medical Assistant Programs in California - Everest InstituteEverest College – A very well-known college that will definitely teach you all the necessary skills, including CPR, clinical and medical procedures, patient communication, and even performing minor surgery. Their medical assistant program also offers up to 100 hours of hands on experience which has been proven to be invaluable experience. Not only will they teach you all the required skills, they will also provide job placement assistance for all students.

  2. Physician assistant programs in california - Heald CollegeHeald College – Heald College understands that the core principles of medical assisting are just as important as the experience itself, as a result, they ensure that all their students graduate knowing everything there is to know about medical assisting. They also offer two types of programs, an associate’s degree and a medical assisting diploma.
  3. Medical assisting programs in california - Platt collegePlatt College – Plat College takes pride in their students, and will do what it takes to ensure that their students have the best educational experience possible. In as little as 15 months, you will learn how to read vital signs, take patient histories, perform basic lab procedures, and even perform diagnostic procedures.

A career as a medical assistant is very rewarding and can be just the position you need to enter the healthcare industry. You simply need to complete a medical assisting program, and you will be able to qualify for several medical assistant positions and even others.

We showed you, what we believe are, the best Medical Assistant Programs in California. If you feel there’s some great MA Programs missing on our list, please feel free to contact us and let us know about them. We will appreciate it.

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