Federal EducationOne of the biggest decisions in your life is determining and choosing what you wish to spend a large part of your life doing, the first step is receiving a proper education in the industry you desire to work in.

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before making a decision regarding your school and area of study. Some of the common factors include education costs, the employment rate, career opportunities, and more.

To pick the best school you need to consider the programs each school is known for, some common examples include, the Massachusetts Institute of technology is considered to be one of the best Engineering schools in the world, Harvard University is known for their amazing Law, Business and Medical School. On top of that, you also need to consider the cost of tuition. For your area of study, there are two main factors you must consider, job opportunities and personal interest. Below are some common area of studies.


If there’s an industry that provides a variety of job opportunities so wide that a person with any background can join, it’s the Healthcare industry. Whether you’re a Pharmacy Technician or a Biomedical Engineer, and even a graduate with Business degree can work in the Healthcare industry.


An Accounting career typically involves a lot of finance related work where your role is to organize a company’s financial transactions or activities using a variety of techniques and software. Some examples include tax accounting, auditing, management accounting, and more.


A career in Education can be quite rewarding in terms of involvement in the community, typically you will educate a specific group of people or for a specific topic. There are a wide variety of opportunities, anywhere from teaching positions to curriculum developers, higher education professor and special needs teacher.


Hospitality is one of the most interesting and unique careers one can work in, it’s not your typical 9-5 position. A person in Hospitality focus on making sure that their guests are comfortable and relaxed. There are several career opportunities in this industry and are divided into four areas, Kitchen, Rooms, Front of house, and others.


A career in manufacturing is a very large and fast growing industry, whether you’re very technical or prefer a more business oriented position, there is always a spot for someone in the Manufacturing industry. Manufacturing involves mass producing products such as leather products, clothing, technology, etc.

Real Estate

A career in Real Estate can very flexible since you may not be on a fixed salary, but it is very rewarding if you work hard. There aren’t any big requirements to join the industry as you will be primarily focusing on serving your clients housing needs whether they’re purchasing or selling a home.


The Transportation industry can be quite big and sometimes require post-secondary education. You can work as an Aircraft Pilot, a Bus Driver, Taxi Driver, and even something like Water Transportation. There is a wide variety of choices in this industry and even more job opportunities.

Information Technology

With the exploding growth in Technology, the job opportunities have grown just as much. If you love working with computers, learning about new technology, and the insane amount of job opportunities, this may be the industry for you. You can work as an IT Consultant, Health IT Specialist, or even a Mobile Application Developer.


The demand in the Construction industry has been growing over the past few decades and hasn’t stopped. You will likely be working on projects that impact the community. There are several job opportunities such as Construction Manager, Construction Worker, and more.

Financial Services and Banking

The Financial Services industry is a very professional industry where you can find several opportunities with lots of room to grow. There are many jobs including Mortgage Advisor, Administrative Bookkeeper, Payroll Professional, and much more.

Human Resources

The Human Resources industry will always provide new jobs, as every company, business and store out there needs a Human Resources department. The primary role is to hire new employees, determining characteristics of a workforce, ensuring diversity within the workplace, and that the workplace is free of ‘negative’ behaviour.


A career in Media is very competitive and rewarding at the same time, you can work in Advertising, Journalism, Theatre, Publishing, and more. There is a wide variety of opportunities available such as media services coordinator, media graphics designer, media manager, and more.


The Security industry is crucial to many areas and because of that, the number of job opportunities out there have been steadily growing. You can work as a security guard, IT security consultant, assets protection leader, and much more.